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Professional Driveway Cleaning Services in Melbourne, VIC

ABS Cleaning offers top-quality driveway cleaning services in Melbourne, VIC, ensuring your driveway remains clean. Our team of trained and experienced cleaners uses the latest tools and techniques to remove dirt, stains, oil, and other debris from your driveway, restoring its original shine and cleanliness.
We understand the importance of maintaining a clean driveway, which not only adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of your property but also prevents slips, falls, and other accidents. With ABS Cleaning, you can trust that your driveway is thoroughly and efficiently clean, leaving you with a beautifully clean and safe space. Contact us today to schedule a driveway cleaning appointment in Melbourne, VIC!

Why are we Go-To Choice for Professional Driveway Cleaning Services in Melbourne?

At ABS Cleaning, we understand that your driveway is an essential part of your property, and maintaining its cleanliness and appearance is crucial. Our professional driveway cleaning services in Melbourne provide the highest quality results, using advanced tools and techniques to remove tough stains, dirt, and debris. Here are some reasons why you should choose ABS Cleaning for your driveway cleaning needs:
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Why Choose us

The Only Cleaning Service You Will Ever Need

When you hire ABS Cleaning for your commercial or domestic cleaning needs, you’re hiring a team of professionals with quality experience. We have been providing superior cleaning services for over six years and are known for our commitment to safety, trustworthiness, and affordability. Our team is fully licensed and insured to ensure your satisfaction with our services. Here’s why you should trust the experts at ABS cleaning for your home or business:

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that cleaning can be stressful, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. That's why we offer a variety of flexible scheduling options so you can book a cleaner on demand whenever it suits you best!

Safety Assurance

We always strive to provide our customers with the highest level of safety standards. That’s why our team has undergone working safely at heights training and is fully certified as per Australian safety standards to undertake any multi-storey cleaning project.

Background verification

Every employee that we hire is police checked, so you can be sure you are hiring someone with no criminal records or problems with the law. We do not subcontract any third party to do our work.

Public Liability Insurance

We are insured with public liability insurance for up to $20 million, so you can have the peace of mind you deserve knowing that we are covered for any injury or property damage.


Whether you are looking for daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly cleaning services, we are the go-to company for quality cleaning services at affordable prices. We offer competitive rates on all types of cleaning services.


Melbourne's Trusted Driveway Washing Experts

ABS Cleaning is a professional cleaning company specialising in driveway washing services in Melbourne. With years of experience and a team of highly skilled and trained cleaners, we have become the go-to choice for homeowners and businesses looking for top-quality driveway washing services.
Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment and the latest cleaning techniques to ensure thorough driveway cleaning, removing dirt, oil, and other stains. We take pride in our attention to detail, and our cleaners go above and beyond to ensure your driveway looks its best.
We understand that every driveway is unique and offer a bespoke cleaning approach to meet your needs. Our carport cleaning services are affordable, and we offer flexible scheduling options to suit your busy lifestyle.

Comprehensive Driveway Washing Services in Melbourne

We at ABS Cleaning understand your driveway is paramount for your property. We are committed to providing comprehensive driveway washing services to keep it clean and looking its best. Our services include oil stain removal, anti-mould treatment, weed removal, and sealing.
Our oil stain removal process involves specialised cleaning agents and high-pressure washing to remove stubborn oil stains from your driveway. Our anti-mould treatment uses sustainable products that eliminate mould and prevent it. We also offer weed removal services to ensure your driveway is free from weeds that can damage the surface.
At ABS Cleaning, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and provide exceptional customer service. Our team offers path cleaning services to develop a customised cleaning plan that meets your needs.

Our Services

Melbourne's Most Trusted Cleaning Company

Looking for an efficient cleaning service for your home or business? ABS Cleaning is your go-to choice in Melbourne.You can trust us with anything from basic cleaning requirements such as dusting and vacuuming upholstery to more complicated tasks like concrete, factory Machinery Washing.

Professional High-Pressure Driveway Washing for Natural Stone, Concrete, & Asphalt Driveways

At ABS Cleaning, we offer professional high-pressure driveway washing for natural stone, concrete, and asphalt driveways. Our team of skilled cleaners uses the latest equipment and techniques to remove dirt, grime, oil, and other stains from your driveway, leaving it clean and new.
We understand that every driveway is unique and requires a customised cleaning approach. That’s why we take the time to assess your driveway’s condition and develop a cleaning plan that meets your needs.
Our high-pressure driveway washing services are safe for your driveway’s surface and the environment. We use eco-friendly cleaning agents that remove tough stains without damaging your driveway’s surface.
Regular high-pressure washing can help extend the lifespan of your driveway, prevent slip and fall accidents, and enhance your property’s overall curb appeal. Schedule patio cleaning services with ABS Cleaning today!


We recommend scheduling driveway cleaning in Melbourne, VIC., twice annually to maintain its appearance and prevent damage from dirt, debris, and stains.
Our high-pressure washing services are safe for your driveway’s surface and won’t cause any damage. We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that your driveway is clean without causing any harm.
Yes, we are committed to using eco-friendly products that are safe for your family and the environment during driveway cleaning in Melbourne, VIC.
We offer oil stain removal services using specialised cleaning agents and high-pressure washing. Our team of skilled cleaners can effectively remove tough oil stains from your driveway.
Our prices vary depending on the driveway size and the scope of the cleaning project. We offer affordable prices and flexible scheduling options to meet your needs and budget.
At ABS Cleaning, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and commitment to delivering outstanding results. Our team of experienced and skilled cleaners will work with you to develop a customised cleaning plan that meets your specific needs and exceeds your expectations.

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