Terms and Conditions


A minimum of 1-year agreement is required if you wish to avail the above-mentioned benefits.

Subscription Model

The cleaning packages run on the subscription-based model. These rates are not applicable to one-time services.


In case of non-payment of charges (subscription fee), debt collectors would be assigned to recover the due compensation.

Extra Costs

These prices are applicable only if no gutter guards are installed. If your roof gutter includes gutter guards, we charge extra due to the extra work involved in removing the gutter guards and then reinstalling them.

Custom Quote

The price on the application (POA) is applicable on three-storey buildings, warehouses, factories and business premises. Consult our team to get a custom quote for the aforesaid-building types.


Our packages involve weekly packages, but a minimum of monthly billing is required to avail of the said benefits. We accept payments through Stripe and do not refund any amount charged for the services rendered.


After you have availed a cleaning package, our team will do the property assessment (of its size and condition). If any discrepancy is found, we’ll propose a new package in its place based on the revised assessment. Or else, cancel the contract if you do not wish to continue.

Membership Cancellation

If you wish to cancel the membership after availing it for one year, you can send us an email, and we’ll initiate the process of cancelling your subscription for the next/subsequent year.

For more information or any other query, call us at 1300 497 599.

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