Privacy Policy

Collection of Personal Information: We collect the personal information (name, address, phone number, email address, etc.) of our clients primarily for the purpose of providing our services. If you provide us with any sensitive information, note that you must be authorised to share it. Also, we might further use it for the purposes laid down in the privacy policy.

Use of Personal Information: We use our client’s personal information provided to us to better their experience and improve the range of services we offer. It may include sending you promotional offers, newsletters, etc., which you may choose to opt out of any time you want by simply clicking the unsubscribe button or sending us an email at .

Disclosure to Third Parties: We do not share our client’s personal information with third parties unless required by the law or share it with agencies like marketing firms, data security providers and so on to maintain our services.

Website Cookies: When you accept our cookies on the website, you agree to share your personal information (usually in the form of small pieces of data in text files). It is primarily for improving the browsing experience. If you do not wish to share the information, you may choose to disregard the request when it pops on the screen asking for your permission.

Data Security: We take all the necessary steps to protect the personal information of our clients. It may also include sharing it with a third-party provider to maintain its security and secrecy. If you feel, you can also send us the requests to delete your personal information or bring changes for any inaccuracy or inconsistency.

Changes to Privacy Policy: To improve our client’s experience and our in-house mechanisms, we may change/revise our privacy policy from time to time. It is advised and recommended to keep visiting the policy page to note if any significant changes/clauses have been updated.

By using our services, clients agree to our privacy policy. If you have any further questions, you may contact us at 1300 497 599.

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